Draw3Cards is shutting down

It’s been a while since I became a co-owner of this site. Back then this was a very active site with a great community behind it.

Nowadays, very few questions are asked and both Ron and I have noticed the site activity is pretty low. Since neither of us has  the time required to mantain the site and we have seen some of our users are already using the Board and Card Games StackExchange site, we feel like we should redirect our users to that site.

It has been great to work in this site and being part of this great community but, sadly, the time of shutting it down has come.

The site is going down on February 28, I hope you all understand.


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3 Responses to Draw3Cards is shutting down

  1. slimjim367 says:

    Noooo :[ seriously?

    I understand why.. But this still saddens me.
    It was great to learn from you all, and hopefully to have helped teach a bit!

    I will sorely miss D3C.

  2. ripper234 says:

    It literally warms my heart that you care 🙂

    When I started the site more than four years ago, it was an experiment. I was ecstatic to see it succeed! For a good few years, D3C was really the best place on the web to ask and answer questions about our favorite card game.

    Sadly, all things come to an end. I’d like to thank our community, and early contributors, and especially Ander for the hard work he’s done – without him I would have probablly shut the site down a long time ago (sadly time is finite unless you have infinite turns)

  3. Robert (GendoIkari) says:

    I guess it’s not too surprising due to the fact that activity was getting scarcer and scarcer.. but I’m still sad to see it go. The board & card games SE is just not the same. I greatly appreciate all the work that you guys did to keep this running for as long as it did. Thanks!

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