Site migration planned next weekend

After a lot of discussions, we have decided to migrate the site to a new independent home. I can finally say “we”, because Draw3Cards now has a now co-owner and maintainer – welcome Ander Pérez!

Since I couldn’t find the time required to perform the migration, Ander joined me and is now leading the migration effort off Stack Exchange 1.0. We will be moving to an established, well maintained platform called AskBot (keeping all content in-tact, of course).

The site migration is planned for next weekend, on December 22. We do expect some downtime (especially due to time differences between the team at Stack Exchange that will be assisting with the migration, and our local time – Ander and me are located in Europe) – we just wanted to let you know in advance, in case you have an important match and have a big rules question planned!


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3 Responses to Site migration planned next weekend

  1. Vandermonde says:

    Good luck! I haven’t been active on the site lately, but I hope it goes well all the same.

  2. Congrats, it’s been a whle since a co-owner is due. ; ) Hope for bigger things to this site (and MTG too)!

  3. James says:

    Cool, hope all goes well!

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