Stack Exchange doesn’t want us … so we’ll do it ourselves

StackExchange LLC has decided to close the Magic proposal as a “duplicate” of the Boards and Card Games proposal. The argument goes like this: Board and Card Games is not doing that well, and Magic is the most popular game on BaCG, so if we take Magic out into a separate site BaCG will suffer.

While I have nothing but respect for Stack Exchange LLC, and appreciate their support in these last few years in starting and operating Draw3Cards, I can’t help but disagree with their reasoning. Keeping BaCG artificially alive, all thanks to its Magic-playing members, while denying Magic players of its dedicated site, is wrong. As Draw3Cards and its users have shown in the last few years, there is a strong core group of Magic players that want a place to ask questions, annotated with set tags, images and mana symbols and get expert answers … and BaCG will never be that place.

So, we are forced to returning to our previous course of action, which is operating our own site, be it on top of OSQA, AskBot, or another Q&A platform. I’m sorry for all of D3C’s user who won’t get the latest code updates from Stack Exchange (those guys have done a great job in the last few years making their network slick), but I believe that maintaining and growing a site dedicated to Magic is more important than a few bells & whistles.

Currently, I’m still swamped with other projects, including a startup I recently joined, so I’m still looking for other technically inclined people willing to help with the management of the site, in exchange for co-ownership. If you’re a Magic fan, and you’re not afraid of a little bit of Python and Amazon EC2, drop me a line at (you don’t have to be a tech guru, we’re not looking to rewrite the world here, just install, maintain and support the site … you can learn as you go).


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4 Responses to Stack Exchange doesn’t want us … so we’ll do it ourselves

  1. alextfish says:

    I agree: the SE2.0 decision is appalling and helps nobody. I wouldn’t mind so much except that BCG refuse to implement any kind of automatic card image embedding or rollover tooltip card images. Without those, it’s an awful, awful forum for MTG discussion. So I’ll be sticking with D3C.

    I’m not sure I’d expect many people to take you up on managing the site. I mean, the idea of a StackExchange-style site is that high-rep users already do help run the site; the concept of “co-ownership” doesn’t mean much as far as I can tell…

  2. ripper234 says:

    co-ownership is exactly what it means – joint stake in the site, and a share of the (small) revenue stream we’re generating. I’m realistic, I know that finding a “co-owner” might take a long time, or might not happen at all. I will do what I can to migrate it myself, in this case … but as I am really super busy these days, I’m still hoping someone would come along.

    In fact, I recently unsubscribed from the D3C RSS feed – I simply don’t have enough time these days to be active on D3C.

    We’ve got time, so for now I’m sitting by … and I believe I will be able to pull it off by myself it need be.

  3. Avish says:

    I’ll be happy to help with the occasional hacks like before, given my own limited free time. Don’t know how much it would take to co-own it, though.

  4. googooboyy says:

    Loving the work done Boss, and as much as I’d like to extend a helping hand, I’m no programmer, but hope someone takes up and aids you in this labour of love.

    As a user, D3C has offered so much in terms of understanding the game and taking it forward, and as much as we’ve come to live with and love SE’s capabilities (or lack of), well I guess there’s always next time. *cross fingers*

    Keep it up, Boss!

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