Well, let’s aim for Stack Exchange 2.0 after all – your (small) help is needed

TL;DR – Please support the Area51 Magic proposal and vote to migrate Draw3Cards to Stack Exchange 2.0.

Those of you who follow this blog know our road hasn’t gone in a straight line but more of a zig-zag.
First, we were a Stack Exchange 1.0 site. Then, we started on the migration path to OSQA. We got a very long delay in the shutdown of SE 1.0, so this gave us the excuse to postpone it for the last year.

Recently, I posted a call for co-founders / partners to help me build an maintain Draw3Cards. Although there was some initial enthusiastic emails from several of you, nobody actually followed through until today … and I have a guess why.

Draw3Cards is not a profitable business right now (I never claimed it were). We’re making a low sum of money from monthly ads, which just about cover server costs (for Meta Draw3Cards, and Beta Draw3Cards), and some change. We did see a very nice curve of increase in traffic over the last two years though, but so far it doesn’t look like I’m ready to quite my day job … which recently started demanding large amounts of my free time.

Stack Exchange 2.0 has shown very nice growth over this time, and a slew of new features have been added to their sites. I’ve recently asked Stack Exchange to migrate Draw3Cards to SE 2.0 format, and they kindly refused on the grounds it is too specialized. Still, there are solutions to this problem, such as the new sub-site feature.

To conclude this post – I think the community of Draw3Cards would benefit greatly if it were a fully fledged Stack Exchange 2.0 site. If you’re an active user of Draw3Cards, please commit to the Area51 Magic Proposal.


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8 Responses to Well, let’s aim for Stack Exchange 2.0 after all – your (small) help is needed

  1. Razz says:

    Razz over at draw3cards. I want to know: what are the benefits of your idea?

  2. I think this decision will be to the best. I committed already and will try to get more people to commit also.

  3. ripper234 says:

    @Razz – benefits over what?

    If I don’t take action, Draw3Cards will be closed at the end of the year because Stack Exchange will pull the plug on SE 1.0 sites. I need to take the time to migrate to OSQA, which is less sleek and feature rich than Stack Exchange 2.0.

    See also http://meta.draw3cards.com/questions/703/what-kind-of-help-is-needed-to-make-draw3cards-succeed

  4. Razz says:

    Ripper (Razz again):
    OOoooh. OK yeah.

  5. CommanderZ @ D3C / mzabsky @ SE says:

    Any ideas about ho can we help bring more commiters to the proposal? The problem is that established SE members are needed (at least 200 rep, optimally at least 10k), I honestly have no clue on how to help gather those 😦

  6. ripper234 says:

    @CommanderZ – currently we need more people in general, not > 200 rep specifically.
    There are 34/100 needed high rep members, and 43/200 total committers.
    Just try to reach out to your friends and tell them about Draw3Cards and the new Stack Exchange proposal, that would be helpful enough – thanks!

  7. anon says:

    They killed the effing proposal. Now what do we do?

    • ripper234 says:

      We revert to our original plan – OSQA (or possibly AskBot). Now, I just need to find the time to do this… but I will (we have until at least 2013)

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