Do you want to help us? Here’s how.

Draw3Cards is a community website. Its content is posted by you, it is edited and moderated by you, and some of you even help in meta discussions, custom javascript changes, and other help maintaining and building Draw3Cards.

The major challenge that Draw3Cards still faces is migration to OSQA. We made a lot of progress towards that goal in the last few months:

  • Most importantly, thanks to the generous guys at Stack Exchange, we were given an extension of our free hosting by Stack Exchange. We have until 1/1/2012 to complete the migration. SE folk didn’t have to do this by any means, and we’re grateful for their continued support. As a token of gratitude, you might want to repay them by visiting some Stack Exchange sites (you might find the Gaming and Board Games sites particularly interesting).
  • We finally have a stable Meta site powered by OSQA, hosted at Amazon EC2, with automatic backups (the most important feature!)
  • I began to learn python and django, and even made one bugfix to OSQA’s code. To have a good site, we should have the ability to control its source code, make changes and fix bugs.

I was happy to see Shushoto ask how to help migrate Draw3Cards to OSQA. I have a limited amount of time, and won’t be able to do all the work in the near future – but with your help it is possible. If you’re interested in helping, check out the answers to that question, and/or ask me directly. Your help is most appreciated!

If, at first, a part of my motivation for starting Draw3Cards was financial gain (have my own “startup”), by now it’s clear to me that the time that me and others have invested, and will continue to invest, is not “worth it” on a purely economical basis. If this was a financial decision, I would have sold or given Draw3Cards and “cut my losses”. Luckily, financial gains were not the only, and not the major reason for starting Draw3Cards. I really wanted to create a thriving community and contribute something that I think the Magic community just didn’t have – a place to get quality answers, even if this means investing countless hours to make it happen. I am glad to continue this effort, and welcome anyone who wishes to join me.


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