Meta is back up

Edit – No, Meta isn’t up at all 😦 We’ve ran into some problems again, and looking for someone with some free time to help us bring it back up and reimport the previous content of Meta. If you’d like to help, let me know at

After an unfortunate week of downtime, Meta Draw3Cards is back up!

The downtime was caused by … something, that caused Apache to take up all the machines available memory. To resolve, and get a better overall performance:

  1. We moved from our previous host to Amazon EC2, which offers one year free hosting
  2. The memory of our virtual server was increased from the tiny 256mb we had to 613mb offered by Amazon Micro instance.
  3. We moved from SQLite to mysql

Thanks a lot to claycarpenter from OSQA that took the time to build an Amazon EC2 image with OSQA pre-installed and configured.

Please take the time to play around on Meta and continue the discussions on what policies should Draw3Cards run by.


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