New blog, new administrator

Hello fellow Draw3Cards users!

I would like to take this chance to announce two new events:

Firstly, after over a year of activity, we’ve decided to add another administrator to Draw3Card’s staff (so far it included only Avish and myself). The reason we wanted another administrator is to help us clear the small backlog of tasks that we accumulated – Avish and myself simply didn’t find enough free time to implement it fast enough, and we could use the help. Shushoto, being an early member of this site and one of its biggest contributers (especially in terms of reputation), was the obvious choice. Luckily, he agreed!

So, please all congratulate Shushoto on his new role. Any work he does is purely voluntarily, so don’t expect the backlog to suddenly disappear in a puff of smoke – but we’ll be happy for any help he can provide.

Secondly, I’m using this chance to clear at least one specific backlog item – opening a blog! This is something that I wanted to do for Draw3Cards for quite some time, but haven’t found a compelling need yet. I feel that the above message didn’t really fit anywhere on the site, and that a blog might be a useful tool for other similar notifications in the future (e.g. the Delver Contest)

This is it for this installement. I still don’t know what frequency we will post, it may be once a month or once a year … but stay tuned (and make sure to subscribe). We will also synch this blog with our Twitter account and Facebook page, to make sure you don’t miss out.


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